From Zero to 500 Products Sold: The Hawker BD’s Online Launch Success Story

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The Hawker BD

Business Management

The hawker BD

The Hawker BD is a leading provider of high-quality products in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of items at affordable prices. However, they were struggling to launch their business online and reach a wider audience. This is where our company came in to help.


The Hawker BD had no experience launching an online business and did not have the necessary resources to manage it. They did not know where to start when it came to setting up an online store, product photography, product copywriting, social media advertising, SEO, chat management, and order collection. This was preventing them from reaching their target audience and expanding their business.


To address these challenges, Hawker BD partnered with our company to manage their online business. Our team worked closely with The Hawker BD to create a customized plan for launching their business online. We helped them to set up their online store, created high-quality product photography, wrote compelling product copy, and optimized their website for search engines. We also implemented a comprehensive social media advertising campaign, targeting potential customers with eye-catching graphics and compelling ad copy. We managed their social media presence, responding to customer inquiries and engaging with their audience. We implemented a chat management system to provide fast and efficient customer service and ensured that orders were collected and fulfilled promptly.


After just one month of working with us, The Hawker BD had successfully sold out 500 products online, exceeding their expectations. Our social media advertising campaigns reached over 100,000 potential customers, resulting in a significant increase in website traffic and online sales. The Hawker BD was thrilled with the results and has continued to work with our company to manage its online business. Through our ongoing efforts, The Hawker BD has continued to see significant growth in its online sales and customer base. Their online store has become a go-to destination for customers seeking high-quality products at affordable prices. They have expanded their product offerings and are well-positioned to continue their success as a leading online retailer in Bangladesh.

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